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Botanic Bin Covers

The move to separating waste types at Events is becoming more and more a focus for Councils, Schools and Organizers.

Now there is available a solution to the problem with a disposable Bin Cover which is also totally compostable to International Standards.

The covers are made from the same material as the Botanic bag.- A non eating grade of Corn Starch.

At the end of its life it will completely break down in commercial composting facilities leaving no harmful residue.

The bin covers can also be washed and used for multiple events.

The Bin Covers are designed to sit over an open 240 L bin and are available in three waste streams :

Landfill – RED
Recycling – YELLOW
Organic Waste – GREEN

Individual printing can also be customized with company logos and educational icons tailored for your own Event.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about the Botanic Bin Covers please send us a message using the enquire now button or simply give us a call!

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