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Seedling Pots

Starting your plants by growing from seed in biodegradable seed starting pots is one of the most earth-friendly methods of starting a garden.

We have developed a range of compostable and biodegradable plant pots that enable you to drop your new plant into the ground without having to remove the plastic casing. Simply pop it into the ground, and watch the pot add nutrients to your soil as it biodegrades, giving your plant a healthy start to life in your garden.

For horticulturalists and plantation developers, these pots are ideal. They easily overcome many of the common problems associated with retaining soil around the roots during planting. Once in the soil, these seedling pots biodegrade into natural humus, CO2 and water.

These lovely little pots are perfect for planting your seedlings into for growing on and then planting out in your garden pot and all. Great for tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers, pumpkins and anything you want to get a bit of size on it before it goes into the garden.

Product Specifications

Thickness: 100um
Pack: 25 pieces per pack
Dimensions: 75mm x 65mm x 55mm

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