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Waste Bins

Waste bins have the perfect diameter to scrap food waste from plates and are available in the 7 litre and 10 litre capacity. A variety of other size bins are available on request.

Our bins include a durable one-piece handle, which form a locking lid. This hinged snap fitting lid, and locking mechanism ensures that spillage is avoided and provides a liner trap to secure compostable liners, and importantly, retains moisture to keep odours locked away.

For Commercial or Large orders please use www.ecpcompostables.co.nz

If you have a specific requirement we would be happy to discuss your needs in more detail. Just send us an enquiry using the button below.

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Millions of tons of petroleum oil are consumed every year to manufacture products that are generally considered ‘single use’. Most of which end up in landfill or are incinerated in the process of waste management.FIND OUT MORE